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Armored Vehicles

(Armored Wheeled Vehicle)

With advanced technology, Hanwha Defensehas developed the 6×6 Armored Wheeled Vehicle. This vehicle can be mounted with various weapon systems for optimal offensive capabilities. Defensively, the vehicle armor is reinforced to provide superior protection. The 6×6 can also carry up to 11 people and it has a powerful engine and auto transmission for high maneuverability.

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  • TIGON 6x6 image2
  • TIGON 6x6 image3

Key Features

  • Improved bullet and mine protection capability by applying add-on armor and mine protection equipment
  • Can serve various weapon system such as 7.62 mm MG, RCWS(12.7 mm, 30 mm) and 90 mm cannon by modular design
  • Obtains various auxiliary equipment (Tactical tire, CTIS*, ABS**, air-conditioner and winch)* CTIS(Central Tire Inflation System)** ABS(Anti-lock Brake System)


TIGON 6x6 Specification
Combat Weight
(Allowable Vehicle Weight)
21 tons
(24 tons without water driving)
Crew 11(2+9)
TIGON 6x6 Specification
Engine 525 HP
Max Speed Road 100KPH
Water 8KPH