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Armored Vehicles

K21-105 Medium Tank

The K21-105 Medium Tank has a 105mm turret mounted on a proven K21 chassis. It has strong firepower and maneuverability that enables the vehicle to perform a wider variety of tactical operations than main battle tanks.

Key Features

  • 105mm main weapon firing all NATO
    standard ammunition
  • Advanced light-weight design,
    delivering high tactical and strategic mobility
  • High-accuracy, fully-stabilized,
    computerized day/night (TI) fire control system


K21-105 Medium Tank Specification
Combat Weight 25 tons
Max.Speed 70 KPH
K21-105 Medium Tank Specification
Cruising Range 450 km
Main Armament Main 105 mm tank gun
Aux. 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun