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Armored Vehicles

(Armored Personnel Carrier)

The K200A1 Armored Personnel Carrier , with its excellent protection and outstanding maneuverability,
can achieve missions successfully under any battlefield conditions and so can play a key role for mechanized units.
The K200A1 Armored Personnel Carrier transports a mechanized infantry squad under protection against enemy fire.
When faced with the enemy, it is possible to achieve the mounted-action mission through the loophole
as well as to support firepower to infantry squads with mounted 12.7mm and 7.62mm machine guns.

Key Features

  • Excellent maneuverability superior to equal equipment with the
    350-horsepower diesel engine and the automatic transmission

  • Infantry squad firepower support with 12.7mm and 7.62mm
    machine guns

    • Independently
    • Safe infantry transportation based on the excellent protection ability
    • Outstanding maintainability and low maintenance cost

Key Products

  • Rescue Armored Vehicle

    The rescue armored vehicle is able to promptly rescue and repair armored vehicles requiring maintenance.

  • K263

    The self-propelled Vulcan is the K200 armored vehicle developed for infantry transportation, on which the 20mm Vulcan is mounted. It is the weapon system that ensures not only troop transportation but also anti-aircraft defense against enemy aircraft and ground response against trucks and light armored vehicles.

  • Armored Vehicle Turret Mounting

    Through independent R&D based on technologies and experience accumulated over decades, Hanwha Defense developed various turrets for mounting to armored vehicles.

  • Armored Vehicle Mortar Mounting

    The mortar mounted to armored vehicles of Hanwha Defense provides strong firepower on operation as well as being one of the important weapon systems to enhance survivability of tanks and armored vehicles.

  • Combat Commanding Armored Vehicle

    The combat commanding armored vehicle of Hanwha Defense is developed for effective tactical control and command on the battlefield for the mechanized units composed of armored vehicles and tanks.

  • Smoke-dispensing Armored Vehicle

    The smoke-dispensing armored vehicle creates a smoke screen to protect friendly units, areas, and facilities against visible-light and infrared surveillance measures of the enemy.


K200A1 Specification
Number of Crew 12persons
Mounting Armament 12.7mm and 7.62mm machine guns
K200A1 Specification
Maximum Speed 70km/h on land and 6 km/h in water
Combat Weight 13.2 tons