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Armored Vehicles

Barracuda 4x4
(Armored Wheeled Vehicle)

The Barracuda 4×4 armored wheeled vehicle is developed with top-of-the-line technology,
and is capable of effectively performing security maintenance,
and patrol missions with excellent high-speed maneuverability and outstanding protection capacity.
It provides a wide space for a total of 15 crew, including a driver and a commander, as well as excellent riding quality. In addition,
with its bullet-resistant windows, it is safe and yet it provides a wide range of view, which enables smooth driving under any driving conditions. With boarding doors at the left and rear sides, it is possible to select the boarding door according to the battlefield situation. Since it has separate doors for a driver and a commander, other crew members can get on and off promptly.

Key Features

    • The best open field driving capability,
      high engine power, and excellent driving capability
    • Possible to add various options
      such as CCTV, GPS, speakers,
      and a radio.
    • Excellent maneuverability with maximum
      speed of 100km/h and 1,000km cruising distance
    • Four-wheel drive and differential lock
  • Protects against 7.62mm armor-piercing (AP) shells

    (the front of the vehicle body is made of armor plating)

  • Tactical Tire Applied

    able to travel 70 km at a speed of approximately
    25 km/h even if air pressure is lost in an attack.


Barracuda 4x4 Specification
Number of Crew 15persons
Protection Performance 7.62mm protection capability
Barracuda 4x4 Specification
Maximum Speed 100km/h or more
Driving Capability CTIS, ABS, and run-flat applied