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Armored Vehicles

(Infantry Fighting Vehicle)

Unlike the infantry transport armored vehicle K200, the K21 infantry fighting vehicle is literally the infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) that introduced the concept of “transport for infantry troops with combat capability”. It features 20% lighter weight and 50% lower price competitiveness than other countries. The K21 IFV has achieved a high localization rate and is expanding the line-up into 105mm turret loaded medium tanks and medium recovery vehicle. It is the top-of-the-line armored fighting vehicle with excellent performance.

K21 image1
K21 image2
K21 image3
K21 image4

Key Features

K21 image

Outstanding open field maneuverability

K21 image

Stable water operation system using the airbag

K21 image


  1. 40mm main armament
  2. 7.62mm coaxial machine gun
  3. Third-generation anti-tank guided missile mounted
K21 image
  • The on-vehicle control computer provides night and day vehicle information and battlefield information to the driver and crew while moving.
  • The battlefield management system is capable of sharing battlefield information in real time with friendly forces.


Specification table
Number of Crew 12 persons
Mounting Armament 40mm machine gun
Maximum Speed 70km/h on land and 6km/h in water
Rate of Fire 300 rounds/minute

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