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Artillery Systems

K9 Thunder Self-propelled Howitzer

Developed with our own technology, the K9 Thunder is the world’s most advanced self-propelled howitzer. The K9 boasts excellent performance with a long shooting range for fire combat and a fast firing speed for real-time, quick-focused fire power. It is a unit capable of quick displacement after shooting, and has excellent maneuverability and survivability. In addition, we have developed customized self-propelled howitzer that meets the requirements of various countries as well as NATO standards. Its operational capability is excellent in a range of environments, from deserts to snowy fields, and it is being exported to overseas countries.

K9 Thunder Self-propelled Howitzer

Shoot & Scoot

K9 Thunder can fire its first round within 30 seconds from the moment it first receives firing information from the Fire Direction Center (FDC) while in emplaced situation. While moving, it can fire after 60 seconds. After firing, K9 Thunder can quickly move away from its last position in anticipation of the enemy’s counter fire, before firing its next shot.

[Shoot & Scoot graph]
Occupy postion
Ready for mission 1)
Fire mission 2)(intense fire)
Ready to come out
Move to another postion
Occupy postion
Ready for mission
Fire misstion (intense fire)
Ready to come out

1) Target acquisition / Automatic gun laying / Loading
2) 6~8 rounds in 1 minute

Longer Firing Range

Compatible with NATO 155mm standard ammunitions with a 23L combustion chamber that is JBMoU.

[Longer Firing Range graph] unit:km
						M107(HE):18km, M549A1(HE-RAP): 30km, K307(BB/HE): 40km, K315(HE-RAP): 50km

Higher Rate of Fire

The K9 is capable of firing a burst rate of 3 rounds in less than 15 seconds and a maximum rate of fire of 6 to 8 rounds in a minute for three minutes. Sustained rate of fire is from 2 to 3 rounds a minute for one hour.

[Higher Rate of Fire grpah]
						Fire Rate > Burst(time): 3 Rounds (15sec), Fire Rate > Maximum(time): 6~8 Rounds a minute / 3 times(30sec ~ 1min),
						Fire Rate > Sustain(time): 2~3 Rounds & 1hour consecutively(1min ~ 3min), First Round > Emlacement (30sec), First Round > During move (1min)

Greater Mobility

1,000hp diesel engine provides K9 Thunder with the capability to maneuver and traverse across diverse environments and terrains.

Better Protection

K9 Thunder protects the internal crew and onboard equipment against 155mm shell fragments, 14.5mm armor piercing shells and anti-personnel mines. In NBC warfare situations, survivability is guaranteed with the on-board air purification system and gas masks for the crew.

Better Protection K9 Thunder Self-propelled Howitzer image

K9A1 Self-propelled Howitzer

The K9A1 is a variant of the K9 self-propelled howitzer but improved to operate automatic fire control units better at night. Additional improvements have been made to the driver night vision periscopes and auxiliary power units. The K9A1 self-propelled howitzer boasts a long shooting range, high velocity firing, and quick day/night displacement for firing support and direct engagement. It also has excellent maneuverability and ability to concentrate its firepower on select targets.

K9A1 Self-propelled Howitzer image

Performance Improvements

Auxiliary power unit Auxiliary power unit image
Positioning device Positioning device image
Pilot night periscope Pilot night periscope image
Rear camera Rear camera image
Automatic fire control system Automatic fire control system image
BTCS SW Supplement BTCS SW Supplementation image
Automatic fire control system
Operating system improvements: Text-based DOS system to Graphical Windows system, digital map and electronic manual, and more.
Interoperability and expandability: Interoperate with the electronic time data loader and enable extended range ammunition firing
Positioning device
Added Inertial Navigation System (INS) + GPS System
Pilot night periscope
Improved night-time periscope: using Uncooled thermal type method instead of Stray light amplification method
Auxiliary power unit
8 kW or higher engine
Rear View Display
Rearview display when moving in reverse


K9 Thunder Self-propelled Howitzer specification graph
Maximum Range 40 km
Maximum Rate of Fire 6~8 rounds per minute
Ammunition Loading Automatic
Ammunition Capacity 48 rounds
Combat Weight 47 tons

Exported Countries

K9 Thunder Self-propelled Howitzer is the world's top performing self-propelled howitzer developed with domestic technology. It is Korea’s first weapon system that has been exported overseas.


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