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Air Defense Systems

(Anti-Aircraft Gun Wheeled Vehicle System)

The Purpose of the development of this system was to defend allied forces’ points of interests, as well as defend friendly mobile troops, from low-altitude attacks by enemy aircrafts. The AAGW makes localized support and self-targeting functionalities possible through electron optical targeting systems and visual targeting systems.

AAGW image

Key Features

  • Air Defense C2A System, Local Air Defense Radar, Synchronized Operation with Airfield Anti-Aircraft Control System
  • Application of wheeled platform enables mobile and localized support for troops.
  • Loaded with Electron Optical Targeting Systems (EOTS) and a Visual Targeting System enabling Automatic Tracking and Self-Targeting Capabilities.


Specification Table
Weight 26.5tons
Max. Speed 90km/h
Vertical 0.5m
Trench 1.5m
Main Artillery Caliber: 30 mm Dual Barrel
Firing Speed : 2 x 600 rounds per minute
Effective Range: 3 km

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