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Mutual Growth and Cooperation

Shared Growth

Hanwha Defense operates diverse mutual growth programs for its corporate ecosystems to be able to ‘go far and together’ with suppliers

Implementation of Corporate Ecosystem that Goes Together and Far

Hanwha Defense is working on a road map for mutual sustainable growth. To this end, we will leverage our corporate eco-system and put to practice our bele in “going far and together." Our plan begins with a foundation for mutual growth. We will then improve the competitiveness of our suppliers by including our secondary and tertiary suppliers into our mutual growth program to provide customized and level-specific guidance to enhance their competitiveness. Finally, we will achieve sustainable growth.

Establish Mutual Growth

Establish Fair Trade / Subcontract System
Set up a fair trade culture
Discovery Creative Support Programs
Localize products and engage in cooperative time trading

Enhancement of Competitiveness of Suppliers

Establish Highest Competitive
Advantage in Quality
Leverage suppliers’ know-how
Cultivate a culture that puts the highest value on quality and technology advancement

Aim for Continuous Growth

Expansion / Advancement of
Mutual Growth
Strengthen Suppliers in their respective markets
Increase support to secondary and tertiary suppliers


Hanwha Defense is actively supporting its suppliers to become a “hidden champion” enterprise who will be part of a far-reaching corporate ecosystem.
We are operating a variety of mutual growth programs to help suppliers increase sales, improve quality, management and cost competitiveness.

Fostering ‘Hidden Champion’ Enterprises - 1)Increase Sales, 2)Improve Quality , 3)Develop Sustainable Management, 4)Achieve Cost Competitiveness
  1. 1Strengthen collaborationExpand product localization, Engage in collaborative marketing, Seek group network support
  2. 2Provide quality technical supportQuality improvement guidance, Implementation assistance for self-assessment processes and quality assurance system, operation enhancements,risk identifications, assessments and resolutions
  3. 3Provide management supportThree times a month for cash settlement, fund support (mutual growth fund), recruiting support, safety environment support program
  4. 4Share manufacturing innovationMutual exchange of innovation techniques, Support for technical trainings, Support for productivity improvements

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