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Green Management

Environment / Safety Vision

At Hanwha Defense our goal is to become a leading global company recognized for environmental health and safety management.

Our Road Map to Become a
Leading Company in Environment,
Health and Safety Management

Our plan is to expand the implementation of our line liability system across all our facilities to make them eco-friendly and accident free. By 2020, we’re aiming to become a global leader recognized for our environment, health and safety management.

Establish Infrastructure for EHS Management System

Autonomous environment safety


  • Introduced of Line Liability System
    • Establishment of ECO-YHES management system
    • Introduction of environment safety MBO system
    • Introduction of the line evaluation system for front office
    • Establishment of line-based activity system
  • Becoming a low-carbon green enterprise
Achieve Operation Rhythm and Excellence

Autonomous environment safety
‘Supplementation and settlement’


  • Supplementation and settlement of line liability system
    • Operation of zero-hazard incentive system
    • Cultural activities for autonomous environment safety
    • Introduction of personal environment/safety evaluation system
    • Operation of voluntary risk reduction system
  • Promoting employee health activities
  • Pushing for ZERO RISK environments and safety
  • Expanding into eco-friendly management (reducing environmental impact)
  • Introducing new and renewable energy (photovoltaic etc.)
Achieve Mutual Growth environmental safety/sustainable development phase

Autonomous environment safety


  • Expand operation of line liability system
    • Expansion of operation for external suppliers
    • ECO leader capacity building activities
    • Promotion for expansion of cultural activities for autonomous environment safety
  • Building an excellent workplace to promote good health
  • Expanding into win-win activities to improve the environment/safety of local community
    • Expanding community contribution activities
    • Expanding environment/safety support activities with suppliers
  • Achieving ZERO emission with environmental pollutants
    • Recycling waste water/ minimizing waste, etc.

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