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Green Management

Environmental Health and Safety Management Activities

Hanwha Defense is constantly striving to transform its facilities into eco-friendly green business sites.

Environmental Health, Safety and Energy Management Policy

Hanwha Defense is implementing the ECO-YHES philosophy as its own basic philosophy for the environment health, safety and energy management. By adopting this philosophy, we are implementing an environmentally-friendly, zero-accident workplace to provide a more pleasant environment for our employees and local residents.

  1. Strict compliance to in-house standards Hanwha Defense sets internal standards that are stricter than domestic and overseas statutory regulations. We lead in environmental health, safety and energy system management through on-going maintenance and continuous improvement.
  2. Preview and follow-up inspection of hazardous elements Hanwha Defense establishes and implements measures to predict, evaluate and minimize the impact to the environment and any risks to safety or energy during production, disposal and service of all defense equipment.
  3. Raising awareness among employees on environmental health, safety, and energy through education and training Through repetitions in education and training, Hanwha Defense is seeking to raise the awareness of all its employees on environmental issues and energy conservation management.
  4. Maintaining a Pleasant Work EnvironmentHanwha believes in a work-life balance. It’s why Hanwha Defense is creating a pleasant work environment and at the same time promoting health activities.
  5. Taking action as a good corporate citizen Hanwha Defense is taking the initiative to fulfill its obligation as a corporate citizen by continuously supporting environment programs, and partnering with suppliers on various safety and energy management

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