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We strive to develop into a company trusted by customers based on the spirit of 'Trust and Loyalty' that Hanwha has achieved.


Changes in external environment

Increase in risk due to legal requirements and prohibitions related to business management, and increase in demand for social surveillance and corporate social roles

Neglecting legal risks and conducting improper decision-making and management activities

Causes enterprises to face internal and external resistance, causing significant losses

Adoption of compliance support system in accordance with related laws such as commercial law

Adoption of compliance support system in accordance with strict domestic and overseas laws and regulations

※ Compliance Officer: Prevents various disputes related to business management by establishing a control system for internal decision-making and business execution and by diagnosing and managing legal risks at all times.

Compliance management is not an option, and it is a prerequisite for becoming and continuing as a world-class company.

Phases and Core Elements

  1. Planning phase
    Establishment of compliance policy and basic policy and of compliance standards and procedures
  2. Implementation and operation phase
    Compliance support organization (department), compliance support manual, employee code of conduct, training and education
  3. Monitoring and improvement phase
    Compliance check and sanctions, and modification of program · regulation


Prevent violations of the law to prevent corporate damage and protect employees. Ensure autonomous compliance management to establish a sustainable management environment that is trusted by customers.

Management Target

Management Target
Fair Trade / Subcontract
Unfair trade practices, unfair co-conduct, undue subcontract, etc.
Product Liability
Compliance with standards under the Product Liability Act and Framework Act on Consumers, and compliance with in-house quality standards
Intellectual Property / Trade Secrets
IP right protection, prohibition of the unauthorized use of competitors' IP rights, trade secret protection / data leakage prevention, personal information protection, etc.
Finance / Accounting
Transparent management (disclosure system, insider trading, etc.), compliance with commercial law-related procedures, appropriateness of cost of defense, etc.
Environment / Safety
Green management, compliance with workplace environment and safety management regulations, etc.
Labor / Organizational Culture
Employment · discipline · dismissal · welfare, employment equality, compliance with labor standards, prohibition of sexual harassment, clean organizational culture, etc.
Prevention of Corruption
Prevention of bribery and corruption, and FCPA

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