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Compliance Program

Hanwha Defense practices compliance management.

At Hanwha, we understand that as a growing global company in diverse businesses and industries, we are faced with some of the toughest risks, most complex laws, strictest policies and increasing regulations. Our solution is a comprehensive approach designed to protect and enhance value creation by cultivating a risk-aware culture. Our approach includes the simplification of the risk management process, continuous risk assessments, a compliance management oversight committee, employee training and maintaining standards and controls.

Using this system, Hanwha Defense's employees practice a culture of strict compliance with all laws and regulations, and are faithfully carrying out their responsibilities as a global company trusted by customers, shareholders and society.

Employee Compliance Programs

Every year, we have employees participating in programs aimed at making certain activities a natural part of their work culture, one such program is the Compliance Practitioners training program. The program is designed to train the employees on the laws, policies and regulations pertaining to their roles and responsibilities.

Compliance Management Committee

The Compliance Committee is composed of top executives. It is our top decision-making body that oversees the practice and improvements to the risk management process. They establish regulations, increase risk awareness, and drive initiatives that ensure the company’s adherence to compliance including training programs, sanctions for violations, various rewards and other activities.

Participation in the Defense Industry’s Legal Compliance Conference Meeting

The company has participated in this quarterly conference hosted by the Defense Acquisition Program Administration since 2016 and we have publicly introduced various legal compliance activities implemented by the company. We have been a regular attendee at this international conference and seminar, contributing to the development of legal compliance in corporate business operations.

Compliance Training for Employees

We raise awareness of compliance among all employees and carry out various preventive activities to prevent violations in our work. In particular, we provide opportunities for employees of all classes and areas (i.e. executive compliance education, general education for all employees, introduction to new and experienced employees, promotion education, eye-level education, etc.) to help them acquire optimized legal knowledge.


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