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Terms of Use

Please read these Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") carefully before using this website (hereinafter referred to as the "Site"). This Site is offered by Hanwha Defense solely to be used for provision of information.

Limitations of use

Hanwha Defense grants to the User non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited rights to access and use such information as text, graphics, audio, files, links, and source code posted on this Site ("Materials"). The User may view, read, and download Materials only for personal and non-commercial purposes, and this use does not transfer any rights in and to Materials or copies thereof to the User.

The User:
  1. Shall keep any and all notices with respect to the copyrights and other proprietary rights contained in the Materials "as is" on any and all downloaded copies thereof;
  2. May not modify, reproduce, publicly post, execute, disclose, or use the Materials publicly, or for commercial purposes, in any manner whatsoever;
  3. May not transfer any Materials to any third party, unless such third party agrees to assume any and all liability arising out of the conditions under these Terms and this Site;

The User agrees to comply with any and all additional terms and conditions updated and announced on this Site in the future. The copyright in and to Materials posted on this Site shall be protected under the copyright laws of various countries and international conventions, and the User further agrees to prevent unlawful reproduction of the Materials. If the User fails to comply with any of the Terms and conditions on this Site, the rights granted to the User shall be automatically nullified, and the User shall destroy any and all copies of Materials possessed or managed after downloading them. Hanwha Defense does not grant any express or implied rights in connection with patents, trademarks, copyrights, or trade secrets, except those expressly granted to the User in these Terms.

Links to other sites

Hanwha Defense may provide links to other websites on this Site, and when a User goes to any linked site, the User ceases to use this Site. Hanwha Defense does not guarantee the reliability of any website linked to this Site, nor is it liable for the contents or use of such sites.

Links from other sites to this Site

Sites wishing to provide links to this Site shall obtain prior written approval from Hanwha Defense, with the following exceptions, which do not require written approval:

  1. Any text-only link containing only the name of "Hanwha Defense" or "Hanwha";
  2. Any link linked only to this Site, without being linked to subpages;
  3. Any link displayed in an entirely new browser window, where operation and search is possible other than in the frame where the link exists;
  4. Any link whose shape, location, or other aspects of its appearance, or activities conducted by the linked website or any products on the linked website, have no possibility of creating a misunderstanding that such link is related to Hanwha Defense or sponsored by Hanwha Defense, or that does not damage the name and good image of Hanwha or its subsidiaries.

The User agrees that Hanwha may, at its sole discretion, cancel its acceptance of external links to this Site, in which case the User shall immediately remove all external links to this Site and cease to use Hanwha Defense trademarks.

User information

Personal information provided to Hanwha Defense through this Site by the User shall be protected by the Privacy Policy, and the User shall not submit any confidential information or any information exclusive to the User through this Site. The User agrees that information or Materials provided to, but not required by, Hanwha Defense, shall neither be confidential nor subject to exclusive rights. By submission of such information or Materials to Hanwha Defense, the User agrees to grant to Hanwha Defense, a limitless, free of charge, license to use, reproduce, display, publicly issue, transmit, and distribute such information or Materials, and that Hanwha Defense may freely use such ideas, concepts, and know-how provided to it. The User shall not provide Hanwha Defense with any slanderous, threatening, licentious, or unlawful information or Materials, or information or Materials that are subject to the rights of others.

Laws of User`s country

Hanwha Defense will manage and operate this Site at its head office in Seoul, Republic of Korea. If any User uses this Site in a country other than Korea, such User shall comply with the applicable laws of such country in relation to Materials and third-party content.


Hanwha Defense may, at its sole discretion, at any time change, modify, add, or delete all or part of these Terms, and this change of Terms will become effective after notice of such change has been posted. A User`s continued use of the Site after notice of the change has been posted shall be deemed as an agreement by the User to such change. Hanwha Defense may at any time terminate, change, or temporarily suspend access to this Site or one of its functions, and set limits on specific functions and services. Hanwha Defense may nullify any rights, authorizations, or permits granted under these Terms, and the User shall destroy all Materials immediately upon nullification of rights and others.

These Terms are effective from JANUARY 1, 2019.


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