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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

It is a set of rules outlining responsibilities and proper practices of
Hanwha Defense.

01 Work professionally and show the results
We grow up through work and become a professional in the process of finding, learning, and feeling a sense of accomplishment.
The experience of immersion while working is the process of achieving great results.
02 Communicate with a role other than a position
Information needed for work is shared more quickly, more often, and on time.
Regardless of level or position, we freely express our opinion, communicate, and try to find a better answer.
03 No individual is better than a team
Each has different strengths and abilities that can form better and stronger partnerships.
Better results can be achieved through team buildings and collaboration by combining the strengths of colleagues and team members.
When team members value each other’s strengths, the work is accomplished more effectively.
04 Think big and be agile
When working towards our new goal, we must be innovative and draw a bigger picture.
We can take the lead if we look at it differently and execute it with agility.
05 Rather than dwelling in the past, think about the potential of tomorrow
We are in better shape after yesterday's failure and trying, but we are always looking for new methods to make a difference and will continue to explore for new opportunities and grow more. This is who we are.
06 Challenge the right thing, not the easy thing
Anyone can do anything easy for immediate results.
Our values help us in determining what winning looks like.
Only focus on what is in our immediate control.
Since bigger goals are more challenging to achieve, attempt to boldly challenge ourselves if it is the right thing to do.
07 Focus on providing value to customers
Increasing the value of our customers eventually enhances our value and our products.
Our brand image is important, therefore think carefully about the message our company is sending to customers.

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