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Mutual Growth and Cooperation

Purchasing Policy

Hanwha Defense practices transparent purchasing.

Purchasing Policy

Hanwha Defense strives to create world-class products and services by pursuing the spirit of constant innovation and a challenging
spirit, securing global purchasing competitiveness, shared management with suppliers, and transparent purchasing practices.

Conflict Minerals

Hanwha Defense will not buy or use materials containing minerals produced in disputed areas to fulfill corporate social responsibilities
and plan to continue to spread the conflict minerals prohibition policy through training and promotion of suppliers.

※ During the process of mining industrial minerals in ten conflict countries in Africa including the Democratic Republic of Congo,
Rwanda and Sudan, human rights violations and environmental destruction have occurred, and sales revenues are being used to purchase weapons.
As a result, the United States has issued detailed enforcement ordinances for the disputed minerals regulation,
and the EU is currently in the process of enacting the dispute minerals regulation. In response to these international demands,
Hanwha Defense will not use the four minerals (tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold) mined from disputed areas.

Strategic Material Management

Hanwha Defense adheres to the Foreign Trade Law as a corporate social responsibility to maintain international security and world peace, and is faithfully fulfilling the Strategic Materials Compliance Program of the Korea Strategic Trade Institute (KOSTI).

Significance of Strategic Materials Export Management
Significance of Strategic
Materials Export
Security Aspect
Contributes to international peace
and national security.
Diplomatic Aspect
Prevents international transactions
of companies from becoming
interstate disputes.
Corporate Protection Aspect
Blocks trade retaliation that is
resulted from export control violation.
Safe export support of enterprise.
Import/Export Aspect
Promotes transparency in the trade
of strategic goods and promotes
imports of high-tech goods.