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We strive to develop into a company trusted by customers based on the spirit of 'Trust and Loyalty' that Hanwha has achieved.


  • Changes in external
    Increase in risk due to legal requirements and prohibitions related to business management, and increase in demand for social surveillance and corporate social roles
  • Neglecting legal risks and conducting improper decision-making and management activities
    Causes enterprises to face internal
    and external resistance, causing
    significant losses
  • Adoption of compliance support system in accordance with related laws such as commercial law
    Adoption of compliance support system in accordance with strict domestic and overseas laws and regulations

※ Compliance Officer: Prevents various disputes related to business management by establishing a control system
for internal decision-making and business execution and by diagnosing and managing legal risks at all times.

Compliance management is not an option,
and it is a prerequisite for becoming and continuing as a world-class company.

Phases and Core Elements

  • Planning
    Establishment of compliance policy and
    basic policy and of compliance
    standards and procedures
  • Implementation
    and operation
    Compliance support organization
    (department), compliance support
    manual, employee code of conduct,
    training and education
  • Monitoring and
    Compliance check and sanctions, and
    modification of program · regulation


Prevent violations of the law to prevent corporate damage and protect employees.
Ensure autonomous compliance management to establish a sustainable management environment
that is trusted by customers.

Management Target

  • Prevention
  • Audit
  • Follow-up
  • Fair Trade / Subcontract
    Unfair trade practices, unfair co-conduct, undue subcontract, etc.
  • Product Liability
    Compliance with standards under the Product Liability Act and Framework Act on Consumers, and compliance with in-house quality standards
  • Intellectual Property / Trade Secrets
    IP right protection, prohibition of the unauthorized use of competitors' IP rights, trade secret protection / data leakage prevention, personal information protection, etc.
  • Finance / Accounting
    Transparent management (disclosure system, insider trading, etc.), compliance with commercial law-related procedures, appropriateness of cost of defense, etc.
  • Environment / Safety
    Green management, compliance with workplace environment and safety management regulations, etc.
  • Labor / Organizational Culture
    Employment· discipline· dismissal· welfare, equal opportunity employment, compliance with labor standards, prohibition of sexual harassment, clean organizational culture, etc.
  • Prevention of Corruption
    Prevention of bribery and corruption, and FCPA